2018 Winter Olympics | Pyeongchang, South Korea

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2018 Winter Olympics

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Memorable Moments of Years Past

Franz Klammer Wins World Cup 1974
Source: AP Photo

Franz Klammer
The man who gave himself "terrible frights"

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The Miracle of 1980
Cold war heroes

Happy Harada
Japanese ski-jumping legend

Bjorn Dahlie
The winningest Winter Olympian

Tonya and Nancy
An ex-husband, a metal baton, and a U.S. title

Did You Know?

This is the first winter Olympics hosted by South Korea. They hosted the summer Olympics in Seoul in 1988.


Winter Olympics Through The Years

Winter Olympics Biographies

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Geopolitical Issues a Big Concern in Pyeongchang
Nuclear tensions intensify surrounding the Olympic Games

Four New Events Added to the 2018 Winter Olympics
New events continue to add cool factor to the Games

Competing Countries
92 countries to compete at Pyeongchang, including six newcomers

Nations Making Their Winter Olympic Debut
Ecuador, Eritrea, Kosovo, Malaysia, Nigeria and Singapore go to Pyeongchang

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Sports Previews

Alpine Skiing
Winter 2018 sees a new event and a new ski slope

A demanding combination of exertion and precision

Offspring of the toboggan

Cross-Country Skiing
The sport of the Vikings

Thawing gender relations on the ice

Figure Skating
Artistry takes center stage

Freestyle Skiing
Bringing skiing to new heights

Ice Hockey
A tournament of veterans

One of the fastest Olympic sports

Nordic Combined
Long dominated by Scandinavian countries

Face first down an icy track

Ski Jumping
Women finally get their chance to compete

Parallel slalom gives way to big air

Speed Skating
Mass start brings a new twist to an old classic


Did You Know?
Did you know China won its first Winter Olympic gold medals in Salt Lake City? What sport did it win them in?

Winter Olympics Trivia
Who has won the most medals for the United States in the Winter Olympics?

Winter Olympics History: Part 1
What the was first year that female athletes could compete in events other than figure skating at a Winter Olympics?

Winter Olympics History: Part 2
East Germany made its Olympic debut at which Winter Games?


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