Money Around the World

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

Would you like to pay for your purchase in camels or cocoa beans? Perhaps you'd like your change in shells. Throughout history, all kinds of things have been used as money. Precious metals have kept their popularity since they're easy to handle (unlike camels) and keep their value. Here is how cold cash is measured around the world.

Country Currency
Australia dollar
Brazil real
China yuan
Czech Republickoruna
Denmark krone
Ethiopia birr
Franceeuro (formerly French franc)
Germanyeuro (formerly Deutsche mark)
Ghana cedi
Greece Euro (formerly drachma)
Haiti gourde
India rupee
Israel shekel
ItalyEuro (formerly lira)
Japan yen
Jordan dinar
Laos kip
Malaysia ringgit
Mexico peso
Mongolia tugrik
Morocco dirham
The NetherlandsEuro (formerly guilder)
Peru nuevo sol
Poland zloty
PortugalEuro (formerly escudo)
Russia ruble
Saudi Arabia riyal
South Africa rand
South Korea won
SpainEuro (formerly peseta)
Sweden krona
Thailand baht
United Kingdompound sterling
United States dollar
Venezuela bolivar
Zambia kwacha
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